July 15, 2024

Good days and bad days both are part of the life. If there was not any bad and evil in this world good would be tasteless. As we do not have reference point or measuring tool to tell what is good or what is bad but, sometimes we feel like life is so much unfair. We do not receive always good in return of our good deeds. We feel like clever and selfish people are always happy and kind and selfless people are suffering. There is the quote “rain falls over all” but I am not agreed with this. So, why does bad things happen to good people, I have tried here best to interpret this topic.

To understand this topic we have to go through two approach:

  1. Psychological Approach
  2. Religious Approach

Psychological Approach: If we think from psychological approach Good people can be fooled easily because they think other people are also good like them . They expect same from the others too, but at the end expectation hurts! Good and kind people can be fooled many times, so it is not wrong to call innocent people: stupid or emotional fool. Emotionally good person always think about others if they could hurt anyone? , helps anyone who is in the pain and do not does the work which affects others. so they are much lost in their life than clever people. So they suffer much. Clever and wicked people thinks about profit rather than people, so they seems Happy.

As we dig deeper, good people trust anyone easily. Trusting everybody sometimes leads a bad decision. The fact is that good people are good for others, but not for themselves. Good people can be manipulated easily. People around them knows, if I force little he will surely say yes. Thus good people are misused by wicked people. So, good and innocent people are much lost in the life than others. Good people often makes bad decision so they suffer much.

Research shows that good people are less prioritized because people around them knows you will be available anytime when they need you. So people care less about good people. Good thing about good people is that they tries to understand other people problems, absorb others pain and suffering and radiate positive vibrations. Good people suffer much because they care about everybody. Thus, buddha said Happiness and sorrow are to be met by everyone. Do not be shaken by these worldly things. Be good and compassionate with being void or empty.

Religious Approach: When we go through religious approach lord Shree Krishna describes in Bhagvad Gita all the sufferings and bad things happening to us are Karmic Debt. Karma works like Newtons third law of motion, what good deed or bad deed we have done will return to us in same manner. Krishna Explains as if we are being good, doing good and still bad things are happening to us then, this is due to karmic debt of our past life. Similarly, if good things (good fortune) are happening to us unreasonably and without much effort this is due to good karma of our past life. Krishna describes karma in two types: instant karma and Delayed karma. For example if you slap somebody unknown then he will slap back you instantly this is instant karma. Delayed karma means if you do good or bad things these things will reach to you in same manner in long terms or may be in next life. Ultimately Karma is always balanced. Karma is Bitch, it will slap you back surely. All the religions have same essence on philosophy Karma.

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