July 15, 2024

Time travel is a mysterious question itself. Many scientist have stated many theories about time travel. One of the greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein, was once posed with this very question during a press conference when a reporter asked, “what are your beliefs about time travel? Do you think time travel is possible?”

Then Einstein replied that question in this way: “If we think that someone sitting in his room will invent time machine and by this machine we can go backward and forward in time then, this is totally incorrect. Because there is specific way to achieve time travel. To achieve time travel we have to build such machine that moves either in the speed of light or greater than speed of light. When we travel at such immense speeds, time effectively stops or slows down for us compared to others, whose experience of time remains constant. As a result, our own aging process either slows down significantly or halts altogether, effectively propelling us forward in time, into the future.”

Image representing time dilation concept

The idea Einstein is explaining to achieve a time travel in above paragraph is called as Time dilation. Einstein knows that his own equations allows him to move forward in time. So, according to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, it is theoretically possible to move forward in time, but it is not same as what is shown in most of the science fiction films.

Time Dilation: Time dilation is phenomenon described in Einstein’s theory of special relativity where time passes differently for objects that are moving relative to each other. Basically, when an object is moving very fast; time for it appears to pass more slowly compared to a stationary observer. Another cause of time dilation is effect of gravitational field. When we pass through a strong gravitational field time appears to be slow down for us compared to those in weaker gravitational field.

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