July 15, 2024
Despite of having less size and weight than snakes there is one animal that always wins with snakes

Snakes are the deadliest animals because every year 81000 to 138000 people dies of snake bite. Snakes have capabilities to kill even strongest animal like elephants and lions too, with the help of their venom. Despite of having less size and weight than snakes there is one animal that always wins with snakes. Mongoose is the natural hunter of snakes. In one to one battle of snake and mongoose(Nebla) mongoose always wins. Even in the battle with deadliest snake king cobra, there is 80- 90 % chance that mongoose wins. King cobra is 3- 5m long and get killed by mongoose if encounters in battle. The main advantage of mongoose over snake is they have thick skin covered with furs and are venom resistant to some extent.

Mongoose vs Cobra, Source: Web

Comparison between Mongoose and Snakes ( Nyaurimusa):

Snake: We everybody are familiar with snake. Snakes are the carnivore reptiles living in holes and bushes. Some snakes are aquatic also. Shape and size of snakes varies from species to species. Snakes kills small prey by their teeth and large prey by injecting Venom. All snakes are not equally poisonous and strong, they varies from species to species.

Mongoose: Mongoose is predatory carnivore that looks like combination of mouse and rabbit. They are bold, strong and energetic in comparison to their body weight. They does hunting with the help of strong teeths. They mostly fed on insects like bees, crabs, lizards, birds , rodent etc. They sometime eat snakes too.

Snake Vs Mongoose: Why does mongoose win?

Snake kills prey by either biting or wrapping around enemy and crushing it. Its way of hunting is hiding and ambushing on prey. It has two major teeth to bite and inject Venom. While mongoose has 28 teeth and very powerful incisors. Mongoose has short limbs, thick furs and can crush the skull of snakes on their powerful bite. They are more agile, technical and flexible during fighting. Main advantage of mongoose over snakes is they are venom resistant. Even the poisonous snake cannot kill mongoose on single bite. It takes 7-8 time bite of snake to kill mongoose. Mongoose has thick skin and furs, that cannot be easily penetrated. Sometimes snakes eat the kids of mongoose, thats why mongoose kills snakes.

Some interesting Facts about Snakes:

  • Snakes are not only scary but beautiful creatures too
  • Snakes can be trained and made pets
  • Some species of snakes can glide in the air and change their body to adjust with aerodynamics
  • There are more than 3000 species of snakes worldwide and only 600 are venomous
  • Snakes do not have ears, yes you heard it right but can communicate even with humans
  • Whole body and skin of snakes is considered so sensative that it can listen and understand with body
  • Snakes can have two head merged together(two headed snake) that is identical twins
  • Some people of india have claimed that they have seen multiheaded snake
One of the most beautiful snake , blue snake

Some interesting Facts about Mongoose:

  • There are around three dozen species of mongoose
  • Mongoose and warthogs are friends in wild to some extent
  • Mongoose are venom resistant of snakes
  • Mongoose have deadly fighting skill and agility
  • Some species of mongoose are semiaquatic
  • Some species of mongoose are friendly with Humans
  • About 100 years ago mongoose were used as pest controller by human in america as they feed on insects and snakes
Beautiful Mongoose photo

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