July 15, 2024
This article is for Educational purpose only and do not promote use of marijuana .

Marijuana or weed is globally consumed common drug or psychoactive substance. marijuana is the product of cannabis plant, that is originated from tibetian plateau and spreaded globally. It is usually smoked but you can vape it, drink it or eat it. Most of the youths consume marijuana for getting high or pleasure. it is described as medicinal plant or recreational drug by experts but it has more misuses than uses.

Image: leaf of cannabis plant

How does marijuana works, makes you high:

The chemical substance responsible for getting you high is cannabinoids found in the flower of cannabis plant. cannabis is known to produce at least 140 types of cannnabinoids but cannabinoids that actually makes you high is called as “tetrahydrocannabinol” or THC.

In simple terms when you smoke weed, smoke goes into your lungs and airsacs present on the lungs absorb all the chemicals present on smoke. THC absorbed by the lungs is mixed into the blood which came from heart to take oxygen in lungs . when this blood returns to heart it is spread throughout the body. THC thus inhaled spread on body through blood circulatory syytem fair quickly and reaches the brain. In short ,In brain there are receptor present which recives the THC and you immediately get the feeling of high. These receptors are actually for reciving compound called endocanabinoids which the body produce itself. The endocanabinoid system is involved in several functions like stress, food intake , metabolism, pain etc. when endocanaboid system recives the THC it alters the neurotransmitter , change the perception of reality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cannabis


There is a widespread traditional belief that cannabis is a medicinal plant but there is not proper scientific and valid proof but cannbis can be beneficial for following purposes:

1.Treatment of multiple sclerosis

2.Treatment of epilepsy

3.Multiple sclerosis

4.Treatment of cancer

5.Treatment of chronic pain and Good sleep

6.Relief from anixiety and Relaxation


Although cannabis is a magical plant it has some disadvantages also:

1.Weed is considered as gateway to drugs so, use of weed for teenagers may be harmful for long terms

2.THC presents on cannabis alters the neurotransmitter on brain which can be harmfull for healthy brain

3. Smoking weed can cause respiratory diseases

4. Heavy use of weed can cause many mental problems

image representing lung cancer

ALTHOUGH cannabis is a magical plant on nature, it has both advantage and disadvantages. when you smoke weed it simply amplify or magnify the small thoughts present on your brain. On my perssonal experience if you are sad, lazy and deepressed and you take weed, it will make you even more sadder – if you are happy and excited and you take weed it will make you more happier and confident. So guys smoke weed wisely.

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