July 15, 2024
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Movies are the great source of fun and entertainment. Watching movies to avoid boredom and time pass is hobby of everyone. The craze of south indian movies is so high that everybody is fan of south indian film industry now days. Here, i have prepared the list of really underrated all time south indian movies which you may have missed. This list contains movies which are not regular south indian masala film , these movies have different experiment, goes through riddles, suspense and at the end you will get different feelings and vibes. They are different from same old concept but watching these movies will provide full compensation of your time.

10. AWE:

IMDb:7.6 , Genre: Psychological thriller/Sci-fi | The story is about a woman who goes through various phases of life. Story goes simultaneously with various characters in one cafe and get connected in one point at the end. Kajal aggarwal (Kali) is in lead role and story revolves around many characters which are nothing but reflection of her own life. This movie has social message on sex, drug abuse, child abuse and other social problems. This movie has entirely new concept on cinema and it is worth watching. This movie had bagged two national awards (2019) on different genres. This movie is dubbed in hindi as antaryudha and availaible in youtube.

Kajal aggarwal from awe movie

9.Avane Srimannarayana:

IMDb:7.7 , Genre: Action/Adventure | Avane srimannarayan is 2019 action/adventure comic movie written by Rakshit shetty. This is story goes back around 1980s on lawless city of amravathi. Inspector Narayana who is corrupted and conman find a new purpose to find the long lost treasure of amravathi. Two brothers of abhira kingdom with their clan are also after this treasure. This movie is packed with comedy, Adventure, fantasy and is a perfect roller coaster ride. This is the best classical comedy movie.

Avane srimannarayana , source web

8. Ghaatak Raat ( Aa Karala Raatri):

IMDb: 7.9, Genre: Thriller/drama | Munnatha is living in poverty with his daughter and wife in village. One day in the morning a fortune teller who claims maa parwati resides in his tongue comes and try to teach them something. But, they make him flee by saying do not waste our time and do not irritate us. On this same day one young, handsome and charming man comes and requested them for living this night with them. Then story turns out in epic way. To find out what will happen this night you have to watch this movie. The story is simple but you will not blink a eye in entire film. This movies teaches us about greed of human being. The movie is fantastic like tumbaad and climax may surprise you.

Ghaatak Raat|| AA karala Ratri


IMDb: 8 , Genre: Romance/Drama | If you are romantic movie lover then Dia is going to break your heart. Dia is 2020 kannada language romantic drama written and directed by K. S. Ashoka. Dia is a simple, introvert, compassionate girl studying biotechnology. After three years of friendship dia confess her love with her friend rohith but that happiness does not last long because of terrible incident. Dia wakes up in hospital after accident and told by her uncle that rohith is dead. After that Dia’s heart broke and she goes into severe depression and was about to end her life. Then boy named Adi comes on her life bringing new Happiness. When she shared her story with Adi, they become friends and fall in love again. When dia returns mumbai, she get shocked to see rohith. This movie is love triangle about Dia, Rohith and Adi. This movie is emotional roller coaster.

Photo from superhit movie Dia


IMDb: 8.1 , Genre: Action/Crime | Thadam is tamil language crime/thriller movie released in 2019. Actor Arun Vijay is in lead role and portrayed the character beyond perfection. A man is murdered in the city mysteriously. Police suspects two persons kabin and elil who are identical twins. Police is confirm that among them one is murderer. But, as police goes deeper into investigation, case goes more complicated. Riddles and confusion increases more. To know who murdered this man kabin, Elil or anyone other you have to watch this movie. The movie is worth watching and climax may surprise you. This movie is available free in youtube.

Arun Vijay Thadam Movie

5.Rangi Taranga:

IMDb: 8.2 , Genre: Mystery/Thriller | Rangi Taranga is 2015 kannada language movie featuring Nirup Bhandari in lead role. It is mystery thriller romantic movie with total new experience. Story revolves around a guy called Gautham who is anonymous Writer. Gautam’s wife Indu who is very soft hearted girl is pregnant. Indu used to have recurring scary dreams. So, indu and gautam decided to go to indus village where ghost were worshipped in one temple. When they went to village gautam start to discover many mysteries about village and his forgotten past. Movie is about finding and solving the unsolved mysteries of village. This is one of the really underrated movie you should not miss. It is available free on youtube.

Rangi Taranga movie poster

4.Theeran (Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru):

IMDb: 8.2 , Genre: Action/Thriller | Theeran is 2017 tamil language Action crime thriller movie whichis inspired by real incidents. There was group of dacoits who roam in truck and rob and murder from north to south india. These dacoits live inside the lorry and sleep there. After murdering and robbing house in the north they would flee to south in their truck leaving no traces behind. They do robbery in one state and flee immediately to another state. Theeran an honest police officer studies the case deeply for years and try to catch them. In this game of theif and police there is lot of fun, excitement, thrill, fear and adventure. Theeran finally arrest these criminals passing many challenges. The director has presented this story in awesome way.

Kaithi from Theeran movie

3. Agent sai srinivasa Ahtreya:

IMDb:8.3 , Genre: Comedy/Thriller /Investigation | Agent sai srinivasa Athreya is 2019 released Telugu Comedy Thriller. This movie is packed with fun and adventure. This movie features Nveen polishetty and Shruti sharma in lead role. Naveen as Agent sai srinivas run a private investigation agency FBI( Fatima Bureau of Investigation) with assistant sneha who was junior in his college. During the investigation of one case Athreya find out many secret crimes are happening in the dark. Athreya and his assistant find out that many crimes are happening in the name of religion in between Delhi and Chennai, and goes on the quest of real culprit involved. If you like investigation and spy movies then this is the perfect movie to watch.

Naveen Polishetty from Agent sai srinivasa Athreya


IMDb: 8.3 , Genre: Thriller/crime | The word Ratsasan has meaning demon. If you have not watched this movie yet, you have missed Masterpiece. Watching this movie is felling of excitement and thrill each second. Serial killer on the town has targeted school girls , killing them brutally and throwing corpse on public place being wrapped by plastic. Girls were killed so brutally that some scenes are really disturbing. Nobody has clue that why this kidnap and murder are happening. Aspiring film maker arun das who has given on his dreams joins police on his brother in law recommendation. Arun start to investigate this case and keep track of this psycho killer. In this game of thief and police there are many riddles and challenges. To know the motive of this psycho killer behind these serial killings you have to watch this movie. Watching this movie 3hr is is the worth investment of leisure time.

Vishal from Ratsasan


IMDb: 8.4 , Genre: Drama/political drama | On the list of most underrated movies Aruvi tops the list with high IMDb rating. Aruvi is 2017 released Tamil language movie having Aditi balan in lead role. This is the story of very common and innocent girl fighting with biased and unfair society for her justice. Aruvi is a very common, innocent girl living her life normally. One day police officer comes to her home for interrogation of aruvi in the doubt that she has connection with terrorist organisation. Aruvi’s father abandoned her and kick out her from home saying she invited police in his house. She start to live in hostel with her friend run by NGO. Aruvi faces many challengeslater, got raped by three persons. When she goes to TV programme asking for help, host of the programme insult and assault her after knowing accuse are high profile. Then this movie is all about how aruvi copes with all these challenges, teaching unforgotten lesson to this biased society.

Aruvi movie poster, source web

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