July 15, 2024

Being in a love is wonderful feeling to go through. Spending time with our loved ones can boost our entire mood. There might be many ups and downs in relationship but the fact is life is even more beautiful with the LOVE. Here are the 10 best advice from relationship coaches for healthy and long lasting relationship:

1. Expect less, Respect more: For a healthy relationship we should not expect our partner to be completely perfect. Everyone in this world has limitation, so learn to accept people as they are. Do not try to change them. Do not force your partner for anything like: “you should go gym , you should wear this, do that ” etc.

Respect is a foundation of healthy relationship. We should not take our partner for granted. For a healthy relationship always respect partner’s emotion, effort and show respect for who they really are. Only respectful relationship is healthy relationship.

2. Do not doubt, Keep trust: Doubting your partner in small things can damage your relationship. Keep trust in your partner first and be yourself trust worthy too. It is a dual side roleplay in relationship because to trust is to believe the loyality of other person. Always keep trust in your partner because, love always stays in trust.

3. Keep the romance alive: Romance and excitement of the relationship fades away with time. Surprise each other with gestures of love and affection to keep romance alive. Be nice and kind to your partner always to keep the freshness of relationship alive. Compliment your partner often, let them know you still find them attractive and special.

Image: Cute couple Romancing

4. Have a effective communication: For a healthy relationship, have a open communication with your partner. Psychology says you do not need to solve women’s problem. Just listen them, they want someone to listen their problems. So, truly listen your partner, try to understand their prospective, do not interrupt in the middle. The solution of the conflicts in relationship comes from effective communication. Open hearted conversation increases the emotional intimacy between the partners.

5.Support each others Goal: For relationship to be working long, support and encourage to achieve each others goal. Be there in a good time and bad time . Be a emotional support system for each other. Always support each other for personal goal and shared goal.

6. Spend a quality time together: Spend a good time together with partner, creating memorable memories. Plan a movie night, romantic date, trekking, hiking or something with your partner. For example: cooking together can be fun and lovely experience. Find a common hobby or interest with your partner and spend a memorable time together.

7. Remember a little things: Remember a little, little things in a relationship. Either it is birthday, anniversary or their favorite dish. Remember these things and surprise your partner, they will appreciate your effort. Sometimes small things can give you big happiness.

8. Keep the past in the past: We everybody have a past. Do not take past of partner in between during arguments. Every relationship is the new beginning of the life. So, talking about the past only increase the conflicts. So, keep past in the past and think about how to go forward in life together.

9. Figure out the repeating problems: Try to figure out what is the recurring issue that arise conflict with your partner. Then, do something about this. There might be common problem which arise conflict time to time with your partner. These types of problems should be minimized or solved peacefully.

10. Be Yourself: Do not fake yourself to impress your partner or for something. Only cheaters fake themselves to impress partner. In long lasting relationship your partner should love you for who you are actually. Be yourself everyone has their own uniqueness and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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